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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Background of the  Brand Name BERTH in the   Establishment   shows us a Worldwide   activity , since 1943 in the  Manufacture and Global  Trade.. The  basic  sector  has the German ek2technology  and the  International Relations  are being leaded  mainly  by the  relations  with this country. By the  regional progressing  of the Brand BERTH by the years  the main roof  is   , became a  very large  Capacity of the exportation    into many countries all over the World. Today  not only the  Overseas activities but also  the  Internal Potential of  the Experinced ba  BERTH  brand into a  well-known  platform. The placing advantage between Europa and Asia  ahs been  used very actively  to connect the Right Projects with the Right Markets. Berthparts are always “special” parts and “s olution for special projects” in many regions of our World.